Our History



The club re-formed at the end of the Great War and was soon at full strength. Trebanos joined Swansea and District Rugby Union in 1920 and during that decade, often as not, the Championship or Cup final issue lay between Swansea Harbour, Clydach and Glais or Trebanos and it is not an unreliable guide to the collective strength of those clubs that the bulk of the representative League side which opposed Swansea First XV came from Clydach/Glais (one club until Vardre were formed), Swansea Harbour and Trebanos clubs.

The 'Ancient Borough', distinguished themselves in various competitions in the league. Between 1923 and 1928 they won the Second Division championship twice and the First Division championship once. In 1928 they lost the Swansea and District Cup Final to Swansea Harbour 4-3, but in 1929 they won the Cup, playing the final against the same opposition at the Mond Field, Clydach.  Incredibly the gate receipts that day were £86/10/7. In 1926 Trebanos won the SKEWEN Cup, an invitation competition, but the game that stands out as a classic was the Cup final of 1925 played at St Helens ground, against Swansea Harbour. There was no score, and two periods of extra time were played. In the 119th minute, Swansea scored a try which, to all 'True Blues', was miles offside; however, the referee explained later that he had to go to work at 10.00 pm. From 1930 onwards the club took no further part in competitions until joining the WRU in 1948.  

These were the days of the depression and many locals left the village to find work all over the country, however, with no work available, the remaining team trained every day. These were rough times but it produced some quality players, notably William Bowen (Billy Boo, pictured right), John Lewis (The Vaynol), Mel Lloyd, Elwyn Davies, Danny Hopkin and Aubrey Hyde, all played for Swansea.


TREBANOS RFC 1919-1920 

From left to right

Back Row: Dick Woodley, William Edwards, Tommy Deer, Arthur Jones, Will Davies, (Daniel Jones), Dai Lloyd, Will Thomas, David John Bowen, Arthur Hodge (Trainer)

Middle Row: John Davies, William John Bowen, Dan Davies, David A Bowen  Capt.), Moc Davies, Will Kift 

Front Row: Arthur Lloyd, Danny Griffiths, Alfie Williams (Twm Ann)